Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wordless Language

The link between His and Her…  ah well!

I sit down with a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee.
 I am tired.
Enclosed within the four walls, there’s no privacy.
Yet, I carve out a niche to safeguard myself.
The rising mist fills the tips of the hills outside
LEDs light up crevasses inside the cafeteria.
I spot this quiet couple in the room
- their fingers twined, souls intertwined,
smiling together, watching each other;
 …. dancing in an ocean of emotions.
Who needs words after all?

Their diverse gestures, intense expressions
And endless smiles…
         Surpass the need of dialogue
      Their unspoken communication
unheard, but all conveying! Yes…
 it’s a language- beautiful wordless words
 that transpire beyond the conventional limits.
I love it!

Declaration of love can come from a mere touch,
their bodies speak to one another,
Wordless messages acts like a balm
-          Can anything be so soothing, so gentle?
Their story celebrates silence and love,
The sound of it overtakes…
    It becomes palpable, discernible.

Who says a deaf, mute or a blind couple do not understand romantic cues. Each couple develops its own sense of mood, energy and methods of communication….just like it does in any other relationship. ~

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