Thursday, September 14, 2017

Re-uniting After Twenty Seven Years~

When you left me,
I had nothing left to live for,
So, like a rolling stone
I wandered the world
With the ruins of a broken home.
Years passed,
And with it
   many springs, autumns and monsoons.

We tore the house apart
   And settled ourselves in different towns.
They say, everything connects
  With everything in the end.
The brain cools the blood,
 And the veins cleanse the dark mind.

After many nights,
A night stepped in again 
   on a roadside station.
Amid the jumbled medley of scenes
and raucous sounds of a railway platform,
I reached the first class waiting room.
  The darkness of the night had started
    engulfing the tracks.
The only light was
  from station master’s room. 
It was pitch dark outside.

You were sleeping on a battered armchair
The memories roused in me
some dreams of strength…
   …and some fear too.
I dragged my thought behind those shut eyes
  And …somehow, something felt good this time.
The blinding noise and after-hush
  Of one train passing woke you up.
You looked at me and smiled,
  I smiled back in the practiced way.

The years had whipped our faces,
The tears deepened the crevasses of our facial bones.
To move ahead today,
    the ways were strangely tempting. 
We drank our railway tea balancing the stillness.
At sixty, we had reasons to be fair with each other.
And the coupling hearts didn’t take time to kill the frost.
With fastened fists-one last time-we tiptoed into time
under the moonlight like classic lovers.

Written for Susan's: (a work of fiction)